Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dog Day Care

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Do you love dogs, do you think you have the space, the time and the energy to help others who may need your services.

I know that a few years ago a neighbour of mine asked me to take care of a little dog while the owner was in hospital, it was for about 2 weeks, it was a very enjoyable time I had with it.

Recently since I have been in Spain I have also been asked to take care of someone else's dog and have plans to go stay at their home to watch and play and take it for walks with my own in January.  I find it a very rewarding role.

So if you are considering a new change in your life and you love dogs then why not give this some thought.

I am only sharing the roles that I think may interest people and that people can realistically hopefully want to do.

Have a good day.

I am sure that the information could equally apply to cats and all other animals.  It means using your own creative imagination as to how this could be applied to your lifestyle.

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