Thursday, 18 April 2013

Transform your life, TRUE PROSPERITY

Breaking the Jewish Code: Twelve Secrets That Will Transform Your Life, Family, Health, and Finances

If you are really looking to transform your life to make it more prosperous then my advice is to really look at what you are reading to bring about the success in your life. For me I have looked at so many different options, but the only TRUE and Most Prosperous way is to walk with God and obey His teachings. I have found this Perry Stone teacher to be really worth listening to and would highly recommend you find out for yourself. I am a believer in Yeshua/Jesus and have been sincerely looking to find the best way to live my life in accordance to Gods teachings. When you look only to the ways of the world you will be disappointed - yet when we turn to face God and recognize how far away we have turned our backs on God we can see that by our rejecting God we also are rejecting His Promises. His prosperity comes from being obedient to him. I learned a long time ago that by following Gods ways there is prosperity. This book will help you too also find the answers to TRUE PROSPERITY
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