Friday, 8 February 2013


Two Weeks Action Plan:
If you are serious on making money but you don't want to spend too much money and too much time. Start with this 2 weeks plan.
You must follow the plan exactly in the 2 weeks to get the best result. Serious money for serious people only.
1. Signup minimum one paid member of $20/month each day in 14 days. Talk to at least 2 persons and explain them the 6VIA and the product DeSOHO with the provided PowerPoint and marketing tools. You must make sure they understand DeSOHO's product features and the great value. This is the only way your income will last forever as people are paying $20 for real product.

2. DeSOHO monthly fee. You must explain the features of DeSOHO. The best way is creating your own DeSOHO website with your own banner and domain name and add your own Google and Click Bank account and try it by yourself. If you focus on the powerful features of DeSOHO, you should not have any problem to get people to pay $20/month.
3. What will the members get? They will get a DeSOHO income generator for their own business and 6via membership upgraded to active member
4. What do they need to do? They need to work on the 2 weeks Action Plan same as you did. The auto system will keep building the downline up to 10 levels for you.
5. Estimate Income: $10,000 per month in 90 days. After 2 weeks, you should have at least 14 active members on your level 1 direct team. You have to make sure the 14 members understand the plan and they are duplicating your work. Then you should have have 196 active members on your level 2. See the following chart for the income up to 10 levels.
L1 14 members $28
L2 196 members $588
L3 2744 members $2744
L4 38416 members $15366
L5 537824 members $107564
L6 7529536 members $1505907
L7 105413504 members $21082700
L8 1475789056 members $295157811
L9 20661046784 members $4132209357
L10 185949421056 members $37189884211
Based on the 2 weeks cycle, you should receive the Level 4 income in 60 days. We estimate only $10,000 income instead of $15,000 and 90 days instead of 60 days as we apply another 30% discount on the projection. Though you can earn up to 10 levels as shown on the chart, we do not project that you can make millions based on the calculation as there're not so many members in the real world. Therefore, the earlier you start, the bigger share you get.
Ask yourself the questions below before you start. If all answers are yes, then you have good chance to earn the estimated income.
1. Can you afford $20/month for 3 months?
2. Do you think the DeSOHO product worth more than $20/month?
3. Is 6VIA a good system that can help you build and operate your business?
4. Do you think the estimate income reasonable and achievable? If not, do you think you can meet 10% of the income goal at $1,000/month?
5. Do you know 28 people you can talk to?
6. Are you able to explain the 6VIA and DeSOHO based on the website details?
7. Are you willing to commit the 2 weeks plan to exchange for the life time residual income?
If they are yes, take action now. Your future is on your hand.

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